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If your organisation still relies on analogue-based technology to power its security scheme, then moving to a fully digital solution is probably at the top of your priority list.

Emerging security threats, technological advances and budgetary considerations are just a few critical reasons our clients expedited the evolution from their old, analogue behemoths into sophisticated, fully integrated digital systems.

The cornerstone of every upgrade is identifying a robust Control System that can effectively manage the integration of old hardware, provide increased control for the security team, enable improved image quality and cutting-edge analytics and reporting.

Read on to discover even more benefits from just a few projects we have completed.

Analysing your needs 

Our experienced Design Engineers will collaborate closely with your Security Team, IT Department and broader partners to fully understand what you want to achieve, now and for future developments.

Recently we delivered an upgrade project for Aylesbury County Borough Council, which needed to replace their twenty-year-old Central Control System, which was no longer fit for purpose.

Our team conducted a detailed analysis of the solutions on the market and identified a robust system, that could work with the existing hardware and provide a future-proof central hub.

At an early stage of our analysis, we were able to factor in the inclusion of Genetec's Security Management Software.

Already deployed in the surrounding county boroughs of the Thames Valley, the Control System can view and control CCTV cameras and access control equipment if required.

The new Central Control System provided a unified platform, blending IP video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition systems within one intuitive solution.

A Phased Approach To Digital Success

Upgrading your Control Unit will enable a phased approach to your project, allowing you to incorporate your existing highest-spec analogue CCTV cameras whilst adding new HD Digital Cameras.

With over 100 cameras across the site, it was neither feasible nor cost-effective for Cwmbran Shopping Centre to replace all the cameras in one phase.

Working closely with the security team at Cwmbran Shopping Centre, we sourced and installed a new hybrid control system enabling the Security Team to manage both the old analogue and new HD cameras.

This new Control System provided substantially greater intelligence to the Security Team for ongoing efficiency planning and auditing.


Budget Optimisation

Often, existing analogue schemes run on a line-rental system that is extremely expensive in comparison to available digital solutions.

Before a recent £150k upgrade, Rhondda Cynon Taff Council was still using an analogue system with a high rental cost due to its reliance on BT RS 100 lines.

The project's first stage saw the creation of a new Control Room based in Tonypandy. Taking only two days to move the central operation from Williamstown, this phase was the first crucial step for a smooth switchover.

Next came the carefully planned installation of the new cameras across the county,with a smooth transition being a key priority. In towns such as Treorchy, new cameras were replacing 30-year-old models.

In Porth, 11 new cameras were installed, with only 10 hours of downtime.

The project implemented a new state-of-the-art system that would improve security and create significant savings for the county.

Improving Your Vision

Recognising the concerns and risks women face travelling to and from their homes at night when travelling alone, Oxford City Council initiated a considerable upgrade of its CCTV scheme.

Outmoded and obsolete, the existing CCTV cameras were still based on an analogue platform and could not deliver the clarity of images required after dark.

Working with our partner Genetec, we upgraded the Control Room with an open protocol system that would enable a phased transition during the migration from the old analogue system to the new IP scheme.

The upgrade introduced 25 new cameras, most of which were high-end Bosch units, to ensure operationally effective night-time quality.

Analytics & Intelligence

A new Control System will allow for more advanced analytics and intelligence features, such as facial recognition, object tracking, and automatic alerts for suspicious activity.

These features can help identify security threats more quickly, giving your team greater awareness and decision-making through several levels of automation for actions and events.

The first stage of our project for The Vale of Whitehorse County Council was to install a new, robust Control System, that could integrate with the existing hardware whilst allowing the gradual upgrade of the CCTV units.

Security Teams were granted a greater level of awareness and decision-making through several levels of automation for actions and events.

Using the event-to-action mechanism, the operator can create sophisticated rules to manage incidents received by the Central Control Unit, such as generating alarms and sending email notifications.

All events and alerts are stored in the Security Centre to facilitate video archive searches.

Importantly, it enables a more modern transfer of digital evidence through a cloud system, allowing the Police to access specific footage without visiting the Control Centre.

The new Control System is sufficiently sophisticated to incorporate system developments, such as facial recognition and other analytical software, that can be integrated with future upgrades.

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Overall, upgrading to a digital CCTV system can provide significant benefits in terms of image quality, storage capacity, remote access, analytics, and integration with other security systems.

As security needs to evolve continually, upgrading to a digital CCTV system is essential to ensure that an organisation's security system is up-to-date and effective.

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