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The City & County of Swansea has utilised a comprehensive CCTV system since 1997. CDS (CCTV Design & Supply Ltd.) was awarded the initial contract after a rigorous tender process.

Over the years, the system has evolved and expanded to cover various areas within the County. This case study provides an overview of the system's development, the challenges faced, and the recent upgrade to an IP-based solution.

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Phase 1: Initial Implementation (1997-2004)

The initial contract awarded to CDS in 1997 involved the installation of 18 x analogue CCTV cameras mounted on Altron Communications 6m Trolley Columns. These cameras were equipped with advanced components, including JAI Cameras, Pentax 20-1 Lenses, and Maxpro Telemetry Interfaces, housed within a Conway Environmental Housing. They were mounted on Shawley Antony High-Speed Pan & Tilt Units.

All camera locations were connected via BT fibre circuits, enabling real-time monitoring in a purpose-built control room situated on top of a council-owned Multi-Storey Car Park (MSCP). The control room featured a R&D Systems MAX1000 CCTV control system, known for its unique PTZ control capabilities and built-in Macro scripting language, which facilitated the implementation of various automated control procedures.

To ensure comprehensive surveillance, the control room was equipped with Sony Broadcast Digital recorders, offering real-time spot recording, instant playback, and continuous time-lapse recording for 31 days. Additionally, 12 20" CRT monitors were installed, enabling quad viewing of up to 48 cameras. The system had the capability to send live images to the South Wales Police for incident monitoring.


Phase 2: System Expansion (2004-2022)

From 1997 to 2004, CDS expanded the system to cover new areas of the County, including the Mumbles, Gorsinon, Morriston, Pontarddulais, Enterprise Park, and various car parks. However, as the system continued to grow, Swansea Council realized that the existing control room was becoming insufficient to accommodate further expansion. Consequently, in 2004, CDS was tasked with designing and planning a new, updated control room to cater to the council's needs.

The project involved the provision of new furniture, a new MAXPRO control system, new Sony recording equipment, and new Sony display monitors. This upgrade allowed the system to adapt to advances in technology over the next 12 years, ensuring effective surveillance throughout the county.

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Phase 3: End of Life of MAXPRO System (2015-2022)

In 2015, CDS informed Swansea Council that the owners of R&D Systems, the manufacturers of the MAXPRO control system, had decided to retire after 35 years of service.

As a result, the MAXPRO system reached its end of life after serving the council for 18 years. CDS, however, was able to support the system with service and repair capabilities for an additional five years, thanks to extensive stock levels and in-house engineering expertise.

However, by 2020, CDS informed Swansea Council that the service stock had been depleted, and repairs were no longer financially viable due to the obsolescence of analogue equipment.

CCTV Bosch Camera Swansea City

Phase 4: System Upgrade to IP-Based Solution (2022)

To address the challenges posed by the obsolescence of the MAXPRO system, Swansea Council engaged leading CCTV consultants, MSC Global, in 2022. MSC Global evaluated the existing system and provided a detailed specification and tender documents for the upgrade to an IP-based solution.

In November 2022, CDS successfully tendered for the upgrade project. Under the supervision of Mr. Gary Britton, who had previously overseen the control room relocation in 2004, CDS commenced the upgrade process. Initially, the control room operations were moved to a temporary room to facilitate the necessary building works.

CDS undertook various tasks during the upgrade process, including building works, installation of a new Ethernet network, fiber optic cables, electrical distribution, lighting, suspended ceilings, flooring, and UPS power. Thinking Space, a leading manufacturer, provided technical furniture for five operator positions, a monitor wall, and a review suite.

As part of the upgrade, CDS supplied a video management system (VMS) by Genetec, a world-leading VMS manufacturer, to control cameras and recording. They also installed video analytics capabilities using BriefCam, a leading analytics manufacturer. In addition, CDS set up a wireless network to connect multiple buildings and camera locations.

CDS engineers, utilising their company-owned cherry pickers, installed IP PTZ cameras manufactured by Bosch and IP static cameras manufactured by Hanwha. Furthermore, CDS deployed Genetec Clearance, a cloud-based video management system, to facilitate collaboration with the South Wales Police and other departments within Swansea Council.

The upgraded system now enables monitoring of the new Swansea Arena, Swansea Market, and additional public spaces, including housing stock. CDS expresses their commitment to continuing working with Swansea Council on additional expansions that have already been identified.

CCTV Bosch Camera Swansea City


The City & County of Swansea's CCTV system has undergone significant development since its initial implementation in 1997. Starting with analogue cameras and the MAXPRO control system, the system expanded and adapted to technological advancements over the years. However, with the end of life of the MAXPRO system and the shift towards IP-based solutions, CDS successfully upgraded the system, introducing advanced features such as video analytics and cloud-based management.

The upgraded system ensures comprehensive surveillance across various areas of the county, enabling effective incident monitoring, collaboration with law enforcement agencies, and improved public safety. CDS remains dedicated to supporting Swansea Council in their ongoing efforts to expand and enhance the CCTV system to meet future requirements.


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