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Large scale security installations typically require several specialist companies working together to fulfil the overall project. Collaborating with trusted partners always makes the project a lot easier to deliver. 

Such synergistic relationships have significant benefits to the client who typically enjoys favourable project timescales as milestones are smoothly met, with issues reduced or quickly dealt with. 

In this context, we have been fortunate to work with many excellent companies on several occasions.

One such partner is xPLAN, with whom we have worked closely for over 15 years, offering our customers high-quality Access Control and Integrated Security Solutions, tailored to meet their specific requirements. 


The xPLAN team introduced CDS to the client for the installation and maintenance contract for an initial project with the University of Bath in 2007.

Manufactured in the UK, the xPLAN system is both scalable and flexible allowing CDS to offer clients a standard solution with a bespoke feel.

The original brief for the University of Bath project was to deliver an identity card for students that could also be utilised both as an access card and a library card.

However, after further discussions with the University of Bath’s Security Team, we identified wider requirements and translated that knowledge into an Access Control System that could manage the complex requirements of thousands of students and employees on campus.

The project brief expanded to include additional access doors, the consolidation of 5 systems into one, a significant amount of retrofit replacement of third party systems and ultimately a comprehensive Access Control System for the entire campus.


Probably the most significant differentiator on this site is the use of a mixture of Wired – Wireless and Wire-free “off-line” door hardware all administered and provisioned through a single system with only one API for the client to consider.

One of the key areas where the system excels is in the implementation of their Access Control Management Software – we find the xPLAN V9.xmanagement software to be flexible and can be tailored to meet individual clients requirements.

Some custom software modules were developed to meet the specific needs of the University Of Bath, not only with regards to the access control functionality, but also to integrate other third-party systems or devices such as CCTV systems, Intruder Detection Systems, HR management systems, BMS Systems, etc.

Leveraging an in-house dedicated development team xPLAN systems can integrate with a wide range of third-party technology and systems.

This has added benefits for the client, as they are not forced to invest in equipment to match the new system, thus allowing cost-savings by utilising existing hardware. Major manufacturers are more than happy to work with xPLAN as a result of their independent approach.


15 years and over 4000 access doors later, we continue to enjoy working alongside the xPLAN team whilst delivering the University of Bath's ongoing security requirements.

The system is still able to run the latest software version even with the original hardware installed all that time ago.

With our shared approach of supporting clients over the long haul, which includes providing training and IT solutions where appropriate, we look forward to helping the University Of Bath keep its students safe for years to come.

Our knowledge of the xPLAN system means we can maintain the operation with minimum backup, saving the client and both time and money.

"Working with CDS over such a long period means that there is a high level of trust, confidence and goodwill on both sides – both our companies plan for the very long term and I believe our shared client’s benefit from this. UoB is not the only xPLAN customer where we have worked alongside CDS for more than 15 years".

Ray Phillips. XPlan.


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